About Us

My wife and I started UpString Apparel because print designs have lost their meaning in the age of fast fashion. 

Us being immigrants from the Indian subcontinent, set out to look for clothing that base their designs on the origin of the art form. Unable to find any such brands out there, we decided to launch UpString Apparel. Comfort, fit and feel are equally important to us. That's why our brand focuses equally on the meaning of the design and the quality of apparel. 

We are the newest kid on the block and would appreciate your support in spreading the word. Along the way, we discovered origin stories to art forms that have been lost in translation. We actively seek out art forms in the Indian subcontinent and try to bring them to life with our line of clothing. 

We want to be able to share our joy and passion for the designs of this world. We promise that we will address all your needs and concerns. We appreciate your feedback and hope to talk to you soon. 

Our email address: yourfriends@upstringtee.com


UpString Apparel - Mission and Vision

By setting up this website, we want to express and share our culture and traditions with you! This small team is a group exploring the maze of life. We are discovering ideas and inspirations along the way. We lean on you and each other for guidance to achieve happiness and satisfaction. 

UpString Apparel is geared towards creating colorful, trendy and bright products with the intention of sparking joy in you and your loved ones. Just like the kite in the logo, we want to inspire the happy memories from our childhood. A time when our minds enjoyed the simpler things in life.